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The Nurse Practitioner's Business Practice and Legal Guide. 4th edition, 2012. Gaithersburg, MD: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
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The Primary Care Provider's Guide to Compensation and Quality: How to get paid and not get sued. 2nd edition, 2005. Gaithersburg, MD: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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Avoiding malpractice: 10 rules, 5 systems, 20 cases. Third edition, 2010. 79-page book. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert. $45.

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Billing Physician Services Provided by Nurse Practitioners in Specialists' Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Homes and Hospice: Fourth edition 2013. 81-page book. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert, $49.

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How to start a health care practice: For nurse practitioners (2008): 210 page book. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert.$99

Provides information on the following:

  • How to determine if you are ready to start your own practice
  • How to do a business plan
  • How to select a corporate form
  • The ins and outs of reimbursement
  • Checklist for starting a practice
  • Licenses and numbers you must obtain
  • Insurance issues
  • Specific types of practices -- medical cosmetics, nursing homes, mental health
  • How to deal with mandated physician collaboration
  • Considerations for using medical assistants
  • Hospital privileges: Do you need them?
  • Documenting outcomes
  • Opportunities in telehealth
  • How to fire a patient
  • Marketing your practice
  • Attorneys: How do they analyze your legal questions?
  • Starting a rural clinic
  • Independent contracting

Special features include:

  • Sample contract for physician collaborator
  • Sample contract for independent contractor

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PrescribingNegotiating Employment: Second edition, (2008) 63-page book, with self-assessment tools. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert. $45.

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Prescribing: Preventing Legal Pitfalls for NPs. (2010) 122 pages. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert. Provides detailed recommendations on how to avoid medication-related mishaps, including inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances. $59.

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Productivity Incentive Plans for Nurse Practitioners: How and Why (2006): 145 page book. Published by Law Office of Carolyn Buppert. $89
Book provides the answers to these questions:

Productivity Incentive
  • Why reward productivity?
  • How are bonuses structured?
  • What are the economies behind productivity plans?
  • How can nurse practitioners increase profits for practices?
  • What is the process for developing a productivity plan?
  • How should the agreement be worded?
  • What are the legal condsiderations specific to nurse practitioners?
  • What are the business considerations specific to nurse practitioners?
  • What emotional factors tend to affect practices considering productivity rewards?
  • What are the advantages of using relative value units rather than collections to measure productivity?
  • What do employers consider when negotiating salary with nurse practitioners?

Special features include:
Work sheets for nurse practitioners and employers who want to develop a plan.

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Training Modules:

Safe, Smart Billing and Coding: Evaluation and management. (2012) $125.
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Billing and Coding Nurse Practitioner Services in the Acute Care Setting
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Billing and Coding Critical Care: For Nurse Practitioners
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